HDMI Cable vs Wireless HDMI

HDMI cables and wireless HDMI serve the same purpose: to deliver video and audio from your gaming consoles, Blu-ray player, set-top boxes and other media devices to your TV.

The tried and true traditional HDMI cable does work well. However, wireless HDMI offers the freedom to place your media devices wherever you would like while eliminating cable clutter. Both wired and wireless HDMI work to deliver high-quality HD video and audio, but here are a few things to consider.



Visual Aesthetics

If you pride yourself on a pristine, clutter-free home or business, then wireless HDMI is for you. Naturally traditional HDMI cables create a cluttered and unsightly appearance. Wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers, on the other hand, can be tucked away in a media stand or even mounted behind the TV for an organized and elegant appearance.




A major benefit of living in the connected world is not being limited to a physical location. This is where HDMI cables are lacking.

With a traditional cable set up, the HDMI cables limit where you can physically place your media device and TV. This limitation is based on the length and accessibility of your HDMI cables, which is why typically your cable box is placed directly next to your TV.

With a wireless HDMI set up, you’re free to place your media device on a stand in the corner and your TV across the room, or even in another room entirely. You can have your wall-mounted TV with no dangling wires, and without having to drill holes or run wires through the wall.



Connection Quality

Some wireless HDMI kits deliver high-quality video, up to 1080p60 HD video and others up to 4k.  In addition most wireless HDMI kits have a range of about 100 to 150 feet (from the transmitter to the receiver). Of course some factors can reduce the connection quality including wall or floor thickness and materials.

Price. Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kits can cost around $150 or more. As with any product, you need to determine if it generates the value that you are seeking.

Wireless HDMI kits like MyWirelessTV2 are available at a number of stores including Amazon and Best Buy.

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