Wired Home Networking Solutions in a Wi-Fi Dominated World

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Market Research | 0 comments

Wi-Fi continues to dominate the home network market. With device counts and smart home applications per household growing, wired home networking devices offer support for highly penetrated Wi-Fi networks.

According to ABI Research, wired connectivity solutions, such as MoCA or G.hn, offer improved stability and throughput while using bandwidth-intensive applications. Service providers in Asia and the UK are exploring the growing interest in offerings that include both wireless and wired solutions.

MoCA technology (which uses a home’s existing coaxial TV cabling) is concentrated in the US, with opportunities to grow in Europe and the Asia Pacific markets. While Wi-Fi is the preferred home network, there are opportunities for wired networking devices to complement Wi-Fi networks.

For additional findings from ABI Research, click here.

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