Working from Home: You Need a Reliable Internet Connection

Apr 8, 2020Blog

If you are working from home (WFH), you need to have reliable internet. There’s no question about it. When you have deadlines to meet, video conference calls, and important files to download and upload, there’s no time to deal with the hassle of slow connections or Wi-Fi dead zones in your home.

If you are dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi, this article is for you. There are things that you can do now to boost your connection and coverage.

Here are things you can do to make your internet connection more reliable as your work from home:

1.    Checking your router placement can solve a lot of issues

As you are working, make sure you are near your router. If your Wi-Fi signal seems weak, you may be too far away from your router, or the router might not be in the optimal position for best performance.

You can fix this by making sure your router is place somewhere central to your devices. Make sure that it is not blocked by any obstacles like thick walls or metal appliances. These can cut off the strong signal to your device. If your router is on the floor, consider moving it up onto a table or countertop.

Often choosing the best placement for your router can boost your Wi-Fi signal to make your connection more reliable.

Also, check to make sure your router isn’t waiting on an update. Always update your router when you can. These patches and updates happen for a reason. They help protect your network and in turn help your network perform better.

2.    Using a Wi-Fi extender can get rid of dead zones

Maybe you only have a weak signal when you are trying to work in a different room than where your router is. Instead of sitting on top of your router, try using a Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi Extenders require you to already have a strong signal. These devices help extend the reach of that strong signal throughout your space. Wi-Fi extenders help give signal coverage to every corner of your home, that way you can take your calls or complete your work tasks anywhere throughout your home.

3.    Managing your Wi-Fi can decrease stress and increase performance

Lastly, turn to managed Wi-Fi. What is it? Managed Wi-Fi is a tool to maintain and support your wireless network. And a managed wireless home network performs best.

A managed Wi-Fi solution like Optim helps catch and troubleshoot any issues right away. Optim also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning so that the platform can learn as it goes, which means your network is constantly optimized for peak performance (hello to reliable video conference calls).

A Wi-Fi manager tool like Optim can also manage your Wi-Fi extenders to make sure coverage is everywhere in your home.

And the best part about a Wi-Fi management tool is that it does all of the work so that you don’t have to. That means that you can get your job done seamlessly all day without having to deal with the hassle of unreliable internet.

Another important reason to look into managed Wi-Fi is for advanced security.

When you are at the office, chances are that all of your devices are secured under the Wi-Fi infrastructure there. However, when you bring your devices home, they are not necessarily covered the same.

Since Optim is powered by cyber security experts, F-Secure, it can secure your entire network. Optim protects your home network and therefore your connected devices by protecting you from:

  • Harmful webpages and online content
  • Hacking, spyware and phishing
  • Viruses and bots
  • Unwanted tracking
  • Unwanted guests trying to connect to your network

If your devices are not secure, your network is at risk. And a vulnerable network does not provide a reliable internet connection. Which you absolutely need when working from home.

OptimTM Managed Wi-Fi solution is available through reputable Service Providers.  You can learn more about home networking and Wi-Fi security with Actiontec’s Complete Guide to WiFi Networking. For the latest news in technology, check out Actiontec’s blog.

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