MyWirelessTV Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit

Model #: MWTV200R, MWTV200T

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How to set up the MyWirelessTV in multiple rooms
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Overview / Features

Quick Overview

With Actiontec’s MyWirelessTV system, you can watch HD television in any room in the house. This easy-to-use wireless HD video kit wirelessly transmits HDTV throughout the home, so you can put your HD television wherever you want, without having to worry about HDMI cables. The MyWirelessTV Kit contains everything you need. Simply connect the transmitter to a set top box, gaming console, DVD player, or other device and connect the receiver to any HD display in the home. And that's it. You can instantly distribute HD 1080p60 video.

Perfect for...

Putting an HDTV in any room in the house (or even the patio, driveway, or garage!)

Outstanding Benefits

  • Full 1080p HD and 3D Video
  • Supports wireless transmission up to 150 feet (Actual distance is dependent on the environment)
  • Multi-room support: Wireless signal can travel through standard home walls
  • Watch movies and other content from your Blu-Ray players and other devices anywhere in the house
  • Brilliant HD visual experience - " virtually no latency
  • Little interference with your existing wireless network
  • Easy to use
  • Add extra sources or displays to your MyWirelessTV system by purchasing extra transmitters or receivers

    Coolest Feature

    Enjoy HDTV anywhere you want, without the cables



Minimum System Requirements

  • HDTV monitor with HDMI input
  • HD set top box, gaming console, or computer equipped with HDMI output
  • USB A to mini-B cable (USB backchannel feature)
  • USB keyboard/mouse (USB back channel feature)
  • USB flash drive (for software upgrade)


How to Video

How to set up the MyWirelessTV in multiple rooms



Other Documents

User Manual - MyWirelessTV Multi-Room Wireless Kit This is User Manual v1.0 for the MyWirelessTV Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit (Model # MWTV200KIT), which includes both the MyWirelessTV WiFi Receiver (Model # MWTV200R) and the MyWirelessTV WiFi Transmitter (Model # MWTV200T).
Firmware Upgrade Instructions (.pdf)

The Instructions explain how to upgrade the firmware on your MyWirelessTV receiver and/or transmitter. Please carefully read through the instructions completely before beginning.

Important Note: You must upgrade the firmware on both the receiver(s) and the transmitter(s) in order for the devices to function correctly.

You will need the following items to complete this process:

  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Instructions
  • USB flash/thumb drive
  • USB Software Update Adapter (included in the MyWirelessTV kit)
  • Winzip or .zip file extractor is required to extract the file

Software/Firmware Downloads

2013-11-05 Firmware Upgrade - MWTV Kit - FW v1.0.2.90 (.zip)

Important Note: Firmware is ONLY for customers with either Scientific Atlanta or Cisco Cable set-top-boxes and experiencing 'no audio' issue. You'll need a special HDMI cable along with this firmware. The HDMI cable will be shipped to you via USPS at no cost to you. As you move to the Contact US link, please provide the following information in your request for the HDMI cable:

  • Your Mailing Address:
  • Your TV Service Provider:
  • The Make and Model of your Scientific Atlanta or Cisco:

Cable Installation Note:The 'special' HDMI cable that you receive must be connected to the HDMI port on the cable box and then to your regular HDMI cable that is connected to the Transmitter's Input port is connected to the other end of the 'special' HDMI cable you received.

2013-06-14 Firmware Upgrade - MWTV Kit - FW v1.2.2.68 (.zip)
Important Note: firmware is recommended only for units with either version or If your current firmware is, you must upgrade to first. Also this file must be unzipped before starting the upgrade process.

View release notes (.pdf)
2011-10-27 Firmware Upgrade - MWTV Kit - FW v1.0.2.40 (.zip)
Important Note: This file must be unzipped before starting the upgrade process.