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Dynamic Software Management

Faster-To-Market Software Deployment

Optim’s Dynamic Software Management brings unprecedented scalability and resiliency to traditional software deployment activities. Processes that used to take months now take mere minutes. Optim Dynamic Software Management uses container technology within the Optim Cloud to provide a streamlined way to build, test, rollout, and manage applications with more consistency and lower risk. As a result, you can confidently bring new services to market faster and instantly respond to security threats or other updates with incredible agility and ease.

Features of Optim Managed WiFi


The flexibility of Optim’s Dynamic Software Management allows new value-add applications to be rapidly deployed, easily scaled to add new features or changed to add specific components, such as increasing capacity, without impacting the entire application or the customer.

Roll Out Updates in MINUTES

Eliminate the time-consuming process of performing firmware updates that used to take months to complete. Optim’s Dynamic Software Management enables adding new services, upgrading software versions rapidly across CPE and data centers.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Regression Testing

Instantly rollout new applications while leaving existing, integral code untouched. Say goodbye to expensive regression testing and breaking existing code. Optim’s Dynamic Software Management modules contain isolated software applications, so there is no risk of overwriting or breaking existing code when performing rollouts or updates.

Zero-touch Rollouts

Dynamic Software Management uses modules that act like an application “vending machine” where an application can quickly and easily be selected, downloaded and run on end-point CPE instantly and with zero-touch, and zero-impacts to your customers, saving you time and money.

Eliminate Application Down Time

Each application using Dynamic Software Management is isolated from all the others. This means that an error in one application won’t affect the other applications. Likewise, any malicious code in one won’t affect the others or the host system. You can easily correct any issues without creating any downtime in the other applications.

Vendor-Compatibility of Applications

Optim’s Dynamic Software Management creates a portable application by bundling into a single executable package that’s independent of the host operating system. This portability makes it able to run uniformly across any platform or cloud, increasing the compatibility of vendor application development.

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