Harness Machine-learning to Increase Operational Efficiencies


Advanced Analytics Tools

Better Understand Service Quality Across Your Network

Now you can understand service quality, visualize trends and proactively identify issues before they impact the subscriber Wi-Fi experience, saving you time and unwanted costs. Optim’s Advanced Analytics is a powerful, cloud-based tool that gathers data from all the core network elements and wireless access devices across your deployment – processing vast amounts of network-level data and presenting it in a flexible, intuitive interface and reports. With Optim’s big data solutions, you can better understand home network health across your service area and proactively provide the best possible experience for your customers, which translates into improved customer satisfaction and cost savings.

Features of Optim Advanced Analytics

In-Depth Analysis For Better Network Management

Our professional services team utilitzed Optim to provide in-depth analysis on clients, utilization, sessions, and subscriber data consumption. As a result, executives, operations, and marketing personnel can quickly visualize their deployed inventory of access devices and understand the utilization of each network device.

A Fully Virtualized Solution or Host It Yourself

You can choose the right solution for your business and environment. Optim is a fully virtualized, hosted solution with 24/7 monitoring for maximum uptime and security protection. Or you can choose to host Optim’s advanced analytics yourself.

Machine Learning For A Smarter Network

Optim doesn’t just package data into reports. The platform utilizes contextual analytics and machine learning to proactively optimize subscriber home networks. For example, Optim can build a security profile for every device in the home and instantly flag any anomalies in behavior.

Easily Integrates With Third-Party Systems

APIs are available for easy integration with third-party systems and hardware. You won’t be limited to monitoring certain devices – with Optim, you get comprehensive visibility across your service area.

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