Actiontec Announces 25G PON ONT


January 10, 2024, Santa Clara, California. Actiontec today is proud to announce industry leading 25G PON ONT products. The very first model, XVG-99SK, a Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) device, is now entering test stages with a few key customers. Additional models, in different form-factors, will be available later in 2024. This makes Actiontec one of the first to offer 25Gbps level solutions for residential users, and is yet another milestone in Actiontec’s continued legacy of technical leadership.

“Actiontec’s 25G PON ONT products will help Internet Service Providers to upgrade and improve their fiber infrastructure, and allow them to offer even higher bandwidth to American families”, said Actiontec President Alexander Leibovich. “This, combined with our recently announced 20G Wi-Fi 7 Routers and Extenders, reinforces Actiontec’s commitment to be in the forefront of enabling high speed connectivity solutions.”

Actiontec has always worked closely with key industry partners to continue innovating the broadband solutions for its customers and residential users, and has been able to implement new and advanced technologies in record time.

About Actiontec Electronics

With more than 30 years of experience providing state of the art home connectivity devices, Actiontec is one of the largest suppliers in North America. Our products have been adopted by leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 Service Providers, who have always relied on our innovation and quality. Actiontec’s state of the art portfolio of 2.5G/10G PON and its Wi-Fi 6E products have achieved strong market adoption. With the launch of the Wi-Fi 7 portfolio in 2023, and the 25GPON ONT solutions in 2024, new customers are joining Actiontec’s family of partners. Learn more at:


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