Automatically Steer Devices for Faster Wi-Fi Performance



Intelligence For the Entire Home Network

Optimize Wi-Fi performance and reduce support calls with a new level of intelligence in the home network. The Optim cloud and SmartSteering intelligence bring the power of AI and machine learning to proactively make adjustments to the home network – so devices are sure to get the strongest signal and fastest connection possible no matter where they are in the home, or where they move to next. Need proof? Carriers have reported a 20 percent drop in support calls in homes where SmartSteering is deployed.

Features of Optim SmartSteering

Holistic, Network-Wide View

Other solutions just look at data from a single router. But Optim and SmartSteering gather historical intelligent data from the entire home network – including every access point, and every connected device and its performance. SmartSteering then uses machine learning to predict the experience with each access point and proactively make adjustments to improve performance.

Steer Devices to the Best Possible Access Point, Every Time

Client devices tend to stick with the access point they initially connected to, even when the move to another part of the home. SmartSteering eliminates this ‘sticky client’ issue; it guides devices to the best access point, gateway or network extender for optimum performance.

Graceful Handoffs – No Lost Packets, Pixilation or Other Problems

Optim ensures the smoothest transition possible when moving between access points. Unlike competitive solutions, there are no lost data packets with Optim. This means smooth video chats and audio streams.

Band Steering – Now with Even More Intelligence

BandSteering usually works by encouraging dual-band devices to connect to the less-congested and higher capacity 5 GHz band. But Optim SmartSteering takes this to a new level. It intelligently considers multiple factors (throughput speed, clarity of signal, quality of packets, signal to noise ratios) to ensure the best quality connection.

Integrates with Home Assistants

Optim has the ability to be integrated with Home Assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. Just imagine the possibilities: “We’ve identified we can improve your Wi-Fi connection – do you want to make the change?” Yes/No?

Chipset agnostic

Do you have a mix of Wi-Fi hardware in subscribers’ homes? No problem. SmartSteering technology is chipset agnostic and works with many of the leading Wi-Fi radio chipsets.

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