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Managed WiFi Solution

Resolve Wi-Fi Issues Without a Truck Roll

WiFi is the preferred consumer choice for connectivity, so it’s no surprise that up to 50% of calls can be related to WiFi issues. Interference from other WiFi AP’s, architecture of buildings, congestion due to WiFi traffic, and simple distance issues can all affect WiFi performance and coverage. These calls result in a truck and a technician being dispatched to gain visibility into the problem. With Actiontec’s Optim Managed WiFi, that can be a thing of the past.

Give Your Subscribers the Wi-Fi Experience They Demand

Introducing Actiontec’s cloud-based Optim Managed WiFi and Service Level Assurance Platform. A single solution does it all. Now you can end lengthy tech support calls, costly truck rolls, unnecessary equipment returns and most importantly, unhappy customers.

Gain a unified view into your subscribers’ home networks across your operations, along with the ability to automate and manage subscriber devices and experiences. Optim Managed WiFi gives you the ability to proactively take the steps needed to prevent WiFi issues in the home BEFORE they affect the customer.

Cost Benefits of Optim Managed WiFi:


Reduce support calls


Reduce call Average Handle Times (AHT)


Lower customer support costs


Resolve Wi-Fi issues without a truck roll


Improve First Call Resolution rates


Proactively fix Wi-Fi issues


Increase customer satisfaction


Better performing networks


Self-healing intelligence avoids truck rolls


More efficient troubleshooting

Features of Optim Managed WiFi

Cloud-based Platform

Optim’s cloud-based platform provides you with the flexibility to easily scale services to fit future growth and the efficiency to deploy your applications quickly to your customers with lower costs. Optim Cloud can be hosted by Actiontec or by the service provider. Optim Cloud enables remote configuration of user networks, either online or offline. Additionally, it facilitates holistic views into the home network, using machine learning to proactively fix issues, such as bandwidth hogs, channel congestion and interference.

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote troubleshooting provides a detailed view into the customer’s home network so your Support or Field Technician can use this real-time information to diagnose and solve many WiFi issues without dispatching a truck: provides insights into which devices are connected to each router or another access point within the home network; view the strength of each device’s connection, and a host of other actionable information.

Intuitive Self-serve Dashboard

With Optim, subscribers get intuitive self-serve tools to manage their home networks and solve basic issues themselves, such as check WiFi network health and see device connection performance in real time. Optim will also prompt the customer via the dashboard or App if it detects a problem, and recommend a solution for self-serve repair.

Subscriber Self-service Mobile App

Intuitive mobile companion app allows subscribers to check WiFi health and troubleshoot basic issues on their own. This reduces support calls and caters to those customers who prefer self-service options.

  • See all devices connected to their network and conduct speed tests
  • View overall WiFi network health, both current and historical
  • Run diagnostics to identify bandwidth hogs and identify poor WiFi coverage areas in the home
  • Parental Controls and Premium security protection of all connected devices by F-Secure

True Real-time Data Reporting

Big Data and Fast Data management and analytics work as a holistic engine to automatically identify trends and to develop timely solutions to underperforming network components. True real-time and historical data produce comprehensive insights into issues and provides information to the necessary stakeholders. In addition, Optim supports fully customizable algorithm development. Powerful historical reporting can enable technicians focus on any devices’ performance to check out details over any given period. And when a customer calls with an issue, a support technician can access this valuable information to recommend a solution in half the time, resulting in faster call resolution, more accurate first-call resolution, operational cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Self-Healing Networks

Optim includes Machine Learning and AI technology to diagnose and solve many WiFi issues automatically, delivering a better Wi-Fi experience, with less intervention needed by the service provider or subscriber. Optim can provide user-directed “self-healing” actions and use machine learning algorithms to automatically identify network performance issues and fix problems before they become an issue for the customer.

Hardware Agnostic

Optim is hardware agnostic in that it is compatible with most chipsets and works with any blend of Router/WiFi Radio.

API Integration

Integrate Optim into your mobile app, portal or OSS/BSS system using a comprehensive library of APIs. APIs make integration with your existing gateway management app or interface easy, enabling security policies and parental controls rules across all networks and devices.

Machine Learning Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence

Optim uses advanced machine learning and AI technology to intelligently act on data collected in the home network, to deliver a better Wi-Fi experience with significantly less intervention from the service provider or subscriber.

Optim Security

Safeguard your networks with Optim’s Security comprehensive protection. With Optim, you can give your subscribers the security their home network, smart appliances and connected devices need. Powered by cyber security experts F-Secure, Optim Security safeguards households from harmful web pages, hacking, spyware, phishing and other threats. You gain the fullest protection from F-Secure: SmartHome protection, browsing and privacy protection, stop unwanted tracking, device recognition, virus and botnet protection.

Field Proven

Launched in 2017, Optim was the first Managed WiFi and Service Level Platform and has been deployed to over 5,000,000 homes.

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