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Developing next generation networks and services requires a deep understanding of hardware, software, customer needs, the past, present, and future. But you don’t have to do it alone – we’re here to help at every stage, from application design to network optimization, security monitoring and on-going support. You can rely on our expertise to accelerate your time to market and optimize the adoption of next generation technology – while reducing risk and lowering cost.

Benefits of Professional Services:


Access to Expert Resources


Lower Development Risk with Actiontec Experience and Knowledge


Accelerate your Time to Market


Shrink Development Time and Costs


Host your Optim™ Solution with Actiontec


Obtain Managed Services of your Optim™ Solution


Professional Support Services Available

Managed Network Services

Comprehensive services to design, deploy, monitor, manage and secure your wired and wireless networks. Proactive network management can spot potential issues before they impact your subscribers. Advanced security services keep networks safe from increasingly complex cyber threats.

  • Optim Managed WiFi
  • Optim Router Security

Software Services

We’ve got the skilled developers, expert UI architects, and the latest integration capabilities to help you bring your solution to market faster. Reinforce your brand presence by customizing our software platforms, or designing brand new experiences for your subscribers. Our professional software services can handle it all.

  • Software Customization
  • Brand/App Integration

Client Support Services

Post deployment, we can provide whatever support you need to ensure maximum success. You have access to all the automation tools, best practices, and quality guidance to help your team accelerate its readiness and start deploying networks and services faster.

  • Technical Support
  • Test Bench Design & Certification
  • Lab Creation
  • Repair Services
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