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PWR500 Kit
Powerline Network Adapter Kit - 1 Port
500 AV
This easy-to-use powerline network adapter kit uses your home’s electrical wiring to connect home theater devices like your Blu-Ray player, media streaming device, and gaming console to the Internet. Simply plug an adapter into a power outlet. Then take an Ethernet cable and plug one end into the adapter and the other end into a device like your game console. Your device is now connected to the Internet, with speeds up to 500 Mbps to support even the most bandwidth-heavy applications like online gaming and HD video. It’s a perfect way to add a fast and reliable Internet connection to those areas where your wireless network is weak.
Reseller #: PWR511K01
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Uses the Powerline in your Home

With the 500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter, you can get a high-speed Internet connection wherever there’s an electrical outlet. Powerline technology networks the home over your existing electrical wiring, so you can get high-speed Internet throughout the home without having to rewire your home or struggle with spotty wireless connections.

Secure for Home and Small Business Use

Our network adapter is equipped with government-grade 128-bit AES security. Simply press the security button on the adapter to instantly set up a security key and your network and data is protected against hackers, snoopers, or other threats.

Compatible with any Ethernet Device

You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The 500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter works with virtually any Ethernet-enabled device, including satellite receivers, Blu-Ray disc players, gaming consoles, HDTVs, streaming media players and more. It even works whether you have cable, satellite, DSL, or fiber as your broadband.

Technical Specifications

" One 10/100 BaseT Ethernet LAN
" One 500 Mbps Powerline
" IEEE 802.3
" IEEE 802.3u
" IEEE 1901
" HomePlug AV
Security: 128-bit AES Link Encryption with Key Management
Regulatory Compliance:
" FCC Part 15 Class B
" UL
" HomePlug Certification
More Details: See Product Sheet

Minimum System Requirements

  • 2 Available Ethernet ports (1 for each device connected to adapters)
  • Two Ethernet Cables (included in kit)
  • A minimum of two Powerline devices on the network are required
  • Standard power/electrical wiring with at least 2 available power/electrical outlets


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Customer Reviews

""Powerline Networking Adapter couldn't be easier to install, setup, and use. Fantastically simple to add a network drop in any location that has a 110vac plug.""
- Brad B.
""Overall the device works great - connected right away, great speeds, no issues there. ""
- Peter S.
""This product is AWESOME SAUCE! It works wonderfully for my 3d hd tv!!!!!!!!!!!!""
- Mari C.
""Works very well.""
- Zenovy J.
""I have attached my modem to the adapter along with two computers and a Roku box. The three adapters connected to the modem and the computers work flawlessly.""
- Richard S.
""Easy setup but one unit went defective after 6 months however warranty replaced it smoothly.""
- Alan S.
""Works exactly like it is supposed to work. Easy and quick installation.""
- William C.
""I do have line noise and old wiring but the units worked fine right off. I never did have to re-install them or touch them which I think is amazing.""
- Robert F
""It does not get any more plug and play than this. And while the 100mb ethernet may hit performance a bit, the overall value of cost vs performance cannot be denied. This is a bargain - and certainly has been more reliable and consistent than any of the wifi routers I had been using. For those who gave it a try and it didn't impress, you might need to do a little homewhork with regards to your home wiring - certain types of breakers can cause problems. And you can't plug these into most power strips/conditioners and expect them to work well (if at all) - which only makes sense, if you think about it. These have saved me a bundle of energy, effort, and time in getting decent internet speed throughout my house - worth every penny... a bargain!""
- Antho.ny M
""Performs flawlessly. I can move up to 500mbps of data between my computers over an in-house electrical socket grid (that uses copper wiring) without losing data. Performed beyond my expectations and continues to perform at high quality.""
- Ken A.
""Was displeased with the connectivity between my wireless router and smart TV. Rep at Best Buy suggested I consider the PWR 500. Set up couldn't be easier. And connectivity has been absolutely solid since the first day. Highly recommend this product for anyone experiencing the problem I was having.""
- Charles P.
""They work flawlessly, I've bought two sets over the last three years and had zero problems with them. I recommend them to all my friends.""
- Martin B.
""I have long runs that are now not needed to do, as the powerline connectors work flawlessly. Excellent for streaming video throughout the home with no dropouts or problems. Highly recommended as a quick solution to long cable runs, and poor wireless connectivity. Awesome product and easy solution.""
- Warren H.
""Works fine, Easy to install""
- Mark S.


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