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Wireless Display Receivers

Enjoy your Favorite Videos and Photos on the Big Screen!

Tired of gathering family and friends around your laptop or phone to see your vacation photos or funny video? With Actiontec’s ScreenBeam wireless display solutions, you can mirror almost anything that is on your smartphone, tablet or compatible laptop1 and display onto your HDTV. Surf the Web or watch movies from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or YouTube - all from the comfort of your living room couch.

Optimized for 4th Generation Intel WiDi (ScreenBeam Pro only)

ScreenBeam Pro can stream content from Intel WiDi 3.5 and higher devices, including Intel’s newly launched 4th Gen Ultrabooks. With the remarkable optimization done for 4th Gen Intel WiDi, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of Intel’s latest wireless display technology…including faster connect time, ultra-low latency, better picture, up to 1080p 3D, HDCP 2.1, USB over wireless and more2. Actiontec worked closely with Intel during the design of ScreenBeam Pro, ensuring cutting edge performance and seamless compatibility with the latest WiDi devices.

Works with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast devices

All ScreenBeam products support the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast standard that simplifies discovery and setup, so you can easily mirror any content from one device to the HDTV in the home or office. Annual shipments of Miracast-certified devices are projected to top 1.5 billion in 2016... that's a lot of interoperable devices.

Don't have Miracast or WiDi compatible device? No problem. Use ScreenBeam Kit with Windows 7/8 Laptops or PCs today

Don't worry if you don't have a Wi-Fi Miracast or Intel WiDi capable device yet. The ScreenBeam Wireless Display Kit includes a USB Transmitter and Wireless Display software for compatible Windows 7 and Windows 8 Laptop/PCs. Click here o make sure that your Laptop/PC is compatible with ScreenBeam. Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8 not supported with ScreenBeam Pro.

Easily Display Presentations or your Entire Laptop Screen in the Conference Room or Office

Need an impromptu meeting in the office? Have a big presentation in the conference room? With ScreenBeam and ScreenBeam Pro, you can push your entire laptop screen or just a portion to a large HDTV. And in the conference room, you can easily share your laptop screen with the projector for hassle-free presentations.

How Does it Work?

Actiontec's ScreenBeam Kit and ScreenBeam Pro allow you to mirror whatever is on your smartphone, tablet or laptop display onto your HDTV because it transmits whatever you see on your screen onto your HDTV wirelessly. Simply plug the Receiver to your HDTV, connect with your compatible device and enjoy your screen display on the HDTV.

HD Video and Audio Experience

Shed high-priced wires without compromising your HD experience. With this state of the art wireless display technology, youcan enjoy up to 720p when using the USB Transmitter (ScreenBeam Kit) and up to 1080p HD video for Wi-Fi Miracast and Intel WiDi devices(ScreenBeam Pro).

Less Interference with ScreenBeam Specific Wireless Network

ScreenBeam technology creates a dedicated wireless display connection for your compatible device that's separate from any existing Wi-Fi network. This means you can stream all of the content that you want with ScreenBeam Kit or ScreenBeam Pro without any impact on the Wi-Fi network you use for social networking, voice, data, and more. Likewise, your ScreenBeam Wi-Fi transmission will be less likely to interfere with your existing Wi-Fi network.

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*Minimum system requirements apply.
**Features are unique to Intel WiDi 4.x and require compatible accessories. 3D supports half-res side-by-side and top-and-bottom.