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Ethernet over Coax MoCA Network Adapter
Reseller #: HME2200-02
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Technical Specifications

Minimum System Requirements

  • TCP/IP network protocol installed for Internet connectivity
  • An available RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • Coexists with most broadband services
  • Coexists with cable TV services
  • Uses the existing Coaxial cabling
  • No computer or special software is required


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Software/Firmware Downloads
2011-01-31 ECB2200 Configuration Utility v1.1
Instructions Please download and read the ECB2200 User Configuration Guide before attempting to customize any of the settings of your device. The Windows-based configuration software is used to change the operational parameters of the ECB2200. The toggle switch located on the back of the ECB must be set to Config Mode for changes to be made. This software is ONLY for use with the Actiontec ECB2200, and is intended ONLY for use by professionals.

NOTE: The configuration software has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, the ECB2200 User Configuration Guide PDF provides a step-by-step installation guide only for users with Windows XP.

Disclaimer: This software is ONLY for use with the Actiontec ECB2200, and is intended ONLY for use by professionals. Actiontec Electronics will not provide a refund or replacement products for ECB2200s that have failed due to the loading of incorrect firmware, customized firmware or the improper use of the configuration software.


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Telephone based Technical Supports availability is determined by the product and the place of purchase.
  • If you purchased the Actiontec product in a retail store, the accompanying documentation will identify the types of support available for that product.
  • If you purchased the Actiontec product from your ISP, your first point of contact will always be the ISP.
If you are calling from within the United States, dial: 1 (888) 436-0657

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