MoCA Network Adapters

Enjoy a high-speed, reliable, wired Internet connection for your HDTV, set top box, gaming console, workstation and more without the costs and hassle of an expensive wiring project.

Get Better Wi-Fi…up to 1 Gbps

Create a 1 Gbps “Internet Autobahn” between your Router and a WiFi Access Point or WiFi Extender, by connecting one MoCA adapter to your Router and one to your WiFi Access Point or Extender in another room. This super highway uses the existing cable wiring as a backhaul or “Internet Autobahn” for expanding the Wi-Fi network beyond your primary router. It creates a bigger pipe for all of your traffic, meaning faster speeds, steadier connections and less congestion! This is perfect for pristine 4K and HD streaming of Netflix and YouTube videos for example.

Always Reliable



Nothing beats the convenience of Wi-Fi. But when the home wireless network can’t keep up with bandwidth spikes, your HD video gets bumped down to standard definition or pauses to buffer. Actiontec MoCA Network Adapters deliver a strong a stable wired connection for silky-smooth streaming and gaming without any lags or buffering.

Works wherever there’s a Coaxial Port



Wherever you have a coaxial port, you can get high speed Internet access. If you want to connect a game console in the basement or create a new home theater upstairs, connect a MoCA Network Adapter to a coaxial port for instant connectivity.

Installs in Minutes



This isn’t a complex weekend wiring project. If you already have a router with MoCA in the home, you simply need to connect another MoCA network adapter to a coax port and your HDTV, game console, set top box or other device. You’ll be up and running with a brand new high speed connection in minutes. No MoCA router? No problem. Just connect one adapter to the router and the other adapter to a coax port on your HDTV, game console, set top box or other device.

A Full Portfolio of Adapters



We offer a full range of MoCA Network Adapters to meet your specific application needs, speeds, and price point. Choose the ECB6250 for next generation MoCA 2.5 speeds up to 2.5 Gbps, or the ECB6200 for speeds up to 1 Gbps. No matter the model, you’ll still get the same reliability, ease of use, and performance that has made Actiontec a trusted leader in MoCA networking for years.

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