Bonded MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter
Bonded MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter

5G Small Cell O-DU Platform


O-RAN Alliance has defined reference distributed architecture to enable next generation RAN infrastructure, consisting of DU and RU. CIG has developed a series of hardware platform specially targeted for 5G small cell deployment for indoor 5G coverage and capacity enhancement. The platform is fully programmable based on general purpose ARM Processor and FPGA. A 3-tier architecture is adopted to carry out the gNB functionality, i.e. SC-60 O-DU, SC-70x O-RU and SC-640 O-Bridge. The number of each component can be flexibly configured to meet various application demands.

The O-DU is the center of the platform. Partial or all 5G air interface functions can be implemented within the O-DU, including L1, L2 and L3, according to the networking requirements.

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  • 3GPP and O-RAN compliant
  • 5G evolvable, LTE compatible
  • Cost-effective high performance 16-core NXP ARM Processor and FPGA
  • Flexible capacity with configurable processing modules
  • Flexible functions with optional CU accommodation and various low layer split
  • Compact, easy for installation and maintenance


Dimension (W x H x D)483mm x 43.6mm x 430mm
Front haul Interfaces (FH-x)8 * 25Gbps (2 * DU modules), SFP28
Mid haul Interface (DU-x)8 * 10Gbps (2 * DU modules), SFP+
Backhaul Interfaces (CU-x)4 * 10Gbps (2 * DU modules), SFP+
Power Supply
DC: -48V
Power Consumption320W (Typical full loading)


Radio access technology- 5G NR support
- Sub6G and mmWave (future releases) support
- 3GPP Option 2 high layer split, CU optional
- O-RAN Option 7-2x low layer split, eCPRI support
Performance and

Note: Performance and capacity numbers depend on 3rd party software optimization
1 or 2 DU modules
Each DU module supporting:
- 2 * 100MHz 4T4R (4 DL / 2 UL layers) or 4 * 100MHz 2T2R (2 DL / 2 UL layers) in FR1
-Up to 64 O-RU with O-bridge/O-RU cascading

Cell performance
- 1.8Gbps DL / 0.6Gbps UL peak data rate per 4T4R (4 DL / 2 UL layers) cell
- Up to 256 active users per cell
Timing- Timing from GPS/Beidou/IEEE 1588v2
- Providing timing for O-RU with SyncE and IEEE 1588v2
- 10MHz and 1PPS clock out
Interfaces1 or 2 DU modules, each supporting:
- 4 * 25Gbps SFP28 for fronthaul (to O-Bridge, or O-RU while downgraded to 10G)
- 4 * 10Gbps SFP+ for midhaul (to external CU)
- 2 * 10Gbps SFP+ for backhaul (to Core, provided together with CU module)
- Management and timing interfaces
Hardware- Each DU module: 2*NXP LX2160A 16C 2.2GHz CPU + 1*FPGA
- 16GB DDR4 2666 for each LX2160A
- 6GB DDR4 2666 for each accelerator FPGA
- 600W 48V DC power with redundant input
- 5 * fans with N:1 protection and speed control
- Integrated BMC


Configuration TypeChassisModulesStatus
1SC-60C (with CU module)1 * DU moduleMass production
2SC-60C (with CU module)2 * DU modulesMass production
3SC-60A (without CU module)1 * DU moduleMass production
4SC-60A (without CU module)2 * DU modulesMass production
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