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Plug-and-Play Device Adds Four 'Skype Lines' to PBX Systems

LAS VEGAS (2006 International CES, January 6, 2006) — Small and mid-sized businesses can now take advantage of Skype's free and low-cost Internet call rates with Actiontec's VoSKY™ Exchange, the first Skype-certified product that allows Skype's Internet telephony service to be used in an office environment. This PBX add-on enables every phone extension in the office to make and receive Skype calls without any changes to existing PBX equipment, phones or user PCs, yielding major savings on both domestic long-distance and international calls.

Designed for businesses of 10 to 300 employees, VoSKY Exchange is a videocassette-sized device that plugs into the PBX on one end and a Windows XP computer on the other. It adds up to four outgoing Skype lines to the PBX, with rollover capabilities in the event that one line is busy.

Outbound Skype or SkypeOut calls are placed by dialing a one-digit access code that is configured when VoSKY Exchange is installed. Inbound calls from other Skype users are routed to any of the Skype company lines and then transferred to the user's extension in the same manner as regular calls. Benefits include:

Lower phone bills for employees and callers, with free calls between Skype subscribers anywhere in the world and SkypeOut rates as low as 2 cents per minute to locations as far away as the UK, Russia, China and Australia.
No need to use headsets for Internet calls, because all inbound and outbound Skype calls are routed through users' regular phones.
Easy four-in-one administration, with support for the new Skype Groups feature enabling all four Skype lines to share the same Skype account.
Rapid return on investment, with no costly infrastructure upgrades, replacements, or training. Payback is possible in a few weeks' time through the savings realized on long-distance and international calls.
VoSKY Exchange also complies with the Skype dialing format, supports Skype speed dialing, and delivers PBX-equivalent voice quality with the aid of special echo cancellation technology.

"Until now, Skype has offered major cost savings and convenience for consumers, but businesses have not been able to leverage Skype's capabilities largely due to legacy PBX infrastructure. VoSKY Exchange delivers these Skype benefits to the business community for the first time," said Gunjan Bhow, Actiontec's Vice President of Marketing. "Whether you make regular calls to overseas business associates, save on calls between branch offices, or simply want to lower your domestic long-distance bills, our Exchange product can provide tangible bottom-line savings by making it possible to integrate the Skype service into your existing PBX system."

Specifications and Availability
VoSKY Exchange is a Skype Certified product, indicating that it has passed Skype certification tests and meets Skype technical requirements, industrial design guidelines, and usability requirements. Minimum system requirements include a PBX with up to four free FXO ports and auto attendant capability; a 2.8 GHz Pentium IV PC running Windows XP with 512 MB RAM, 400 MB free hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive and up to four available USB ports; a broadband Internet connection; and Skype's Internet calling service, which is available as a free download at The product is available immediately through select telephony resellers.

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