Actiontec launches a full suite of Wi-Fi 6 products for the connected home and service provider deployments

New Wi-Fi 6 standard is faster and provides better, more secure performance in homes with many connected devices – helping service providers meet tomorrow’s connectivity and IoT needs

Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2020 – CES 2020 – Actiontec Electronics has announced a new suite of products that support Wi-Fi 6, the new Wi-Fi standard that offers increased speeds and better support for the growing number of connected devices in the home. Actiontec’s Wi-Fi 6 suite includes wireless gateways, routers, extenders and repeaters – all offering carrier-grade performance and manageability. Actiontec’s Wi-Fi 6 products will enable broadband service providers to deliver a noticeably better home wireless experience and meet the growing demands for more speed and more devices.

“Wi-Fi 6 is an incredibly exciting advancement in the home network. This groundbreaking standard is going to provide the foundation for a number of key applications in the home network, including ultra high-definition video, densely connected IoT apps, as well as emerging use cases,” said Brian Henrichs, Chief Business Development Officer at Actiontec Electronics. “With Actiontec’s record for delivering to service provider needs, carriers can confidently deploy Wi-Fi 6 technology in the home to meet the evolving needs of their customers.”

Wi-Fi 6 is the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification program based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard. It delivers nearly four times the capacity of Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), higher data rates, better performance in environments with many connected devices, and improved power efficiency. Connected devices in the home will get lower latency, improved battery life and better overall performance. And support for WPA3 delivers advanced security protocols and the latest generation of Wi-Fi security to protect the connected home.

Wi-Fi 6 also offers key benefits for IoT deployments in the home. With support for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), channels are divided up into many smaller sub-channels. One sub-channel provides more than enough bandwidth for most IoT traffic, enabling the IoT device to focus its transmit power over a narrow band for better range and power efficiency. In addition, IoT devices will benefit from Target Wakeup Time (TWT), which enables devices to use less power to significantly improve battery life.

In addition to its home networking and broadband hardware solutions, Actiontec’s Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform enables service providers to maximize their Wi-Fi 6 deployment by managing complex home networks with a mix of Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 5 and legacy technology. The award-winning, cloud-based Optim platform provides a suite of Wi-Fi management, IoT security, customer self-service tools, big data analytics, speed verification tools and more. It gives providers a unified view of subscriber homes, along with real-time and historical visibility into WiFi performance for quick and effective troubleshooting. Optim also includes machine learning algorithms that proactively identify and fix problems.

About Actiontec Electronics

Take the in-home Internet and Wi-Fi experience to the next level with Actiontec Electronics. Our groundbreaking Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform provides a flexible, scalable, and cloud-based platform that enables service providers to remotely manage, diagnose, optimize and secure home networks. With Optim, families can enjoy fast, reliable and safe Internet throughout the connected home, while providers can increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. Our award-winning products — including Gigabit Ethernet fiber routers, high-speed VDSL gateways and home networking solutions — are deployed by some of the largest telecom carriers in North America. As a minority owned company, we’re committed to promoting diversity and are actively pushing a variety of green programs designed to reduce the carbon footprint of our company and customers. Founded in 1993, Actiontec is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and maintains branch offices in Colorado Springs, CO; Shanghai, China; and Taipei, Taiwan.

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