Actiontec Announces Plans to Manufacture BABA Compliant ONTs and Wi-Fi Products for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program


October 23, 2023, Santa Clara, California. Actiontec today announced plans to manufacture BABA Compliant Industry-leading Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) and Wi-Fi 6E/7 products. This effort will combine Actiontec experience in supplying millions of units to USA ISP and MSO operators with Cambridge Industries Group’s (CIG) heritage of designing and manufacturing CPE globally.

“Actiontec is an acknowledged leader in developing and supplying equipment for broadband networks”, noted Actiontec President Alexander Leibovich. “In extending our long-standing partnership with CIG, Actiontec is fully committed to addressing BABA requirements so that our partners and customers building out BEAD funded networks can offer cost effective broadband solutions to millions of American families.”

“CIG has been working with our partners, such as Actiontec, to diversify our manufacturing locations as well as the entire supply chain”, said Founder and CEO of CIG Gerald Wong. “We have been successful in replicating our in-house developed advanced manufacturing technologies and processes as well as the supply chain into Malaysia, Taiwan and Germany. We look forward to continuing to expand our worldwide manufacturing capacity to fulfill the demands of our global customers and partners, including partnering with manufacturers in the USA to supply BABA compliant products.”

About Actiontec Electronics

With more than 30 years of experience providing state of the art home connectivity devices, Actiontec is one of the largest suppliers in North America. Our products have been adopted by leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 Service Providers, who have always relied on our innovation and quality. Actiontec’s state of the art portfolio of 2.5G/10G PON and its Wi-Fi 6E products have achieved strong market adoption. With the launch of the Wi-Fi 7 portfolio in 2023, new customers are joining Actiontec’s family of partners. Learn more at:

About CIG

CIG is a global company with subsidiaries in China, USA, Japan, Germany and Malaysia. CIG enables multi-gigabit broadband connectivity by providing industry leading wired and wireless solutions. Combining R&D technology leadership with state-of-the-art manufacturing, CIG supports its customers and partners worldwide with millions of devices every year. Products covered by CIG include: PON CPEs, home and enterprise Wi-Fi equipment, routers, LTE/5G small cells and high-speed optical transceivers.  Learn more at:

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