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Actiontec Debuts First USB/Serial 56K External Modem, Featuring Greater Reliability, Faster Downloads
Unit Supports Both USB and Serial Connections; V.92 QuickConnect, V.44 Protocols Enable Users to Log On, Surf, and Download Faster*

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 8, 2004) - Actiontec Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of broadband communication and networking solutions, today announced the unveiling of its USB/Serial 56K External Modem, a high-performance analog modem that gives Internet users greater flexibility and reliability than ever before. Featuring an onboard controller and support for the latest dial-up modem standards, Actiontec's USB/Serial 56K External Modem ensures that users will connect faster, surf and download easier, and experience fewer drop offs, making their Internet activities far more enjoyable and productive.

Offering support for V.92 QuickConnect and V.44 standards*, the USB/Serial 56K External Modem can connect to any PC using either a USB or serial cable. The convenient design means that users have total flexibility as they upgrade or re-configure computers, or move their modem from one PC to another.

"Versatility and ease-of-use are key words to describe our new USB/Serial 56K External Modem," said Dean Chang, President and CEO of Actiontec. "To get the most out of the Internet, users need a modem with advanced technology and engineering that maximizes each step of use, from installation and set-up through log on and log off. The USB/Serial 56K External Modem meets that standard."

Central to the performance of Actiontec's new modem is its onboard controller, a processor that governs all device activities. Unlike some modems that borrow processing capacity from the host PC, the USB/Serial 56K External Modem's controller manages internal tasks itself. Not only is performance optimized for both the computer and modem, but also the chance of slowdowns and system crashes due to PC conflicts is virtually eliminated.

The powerful system design of the USB/Serial 56K External Modem also assures users they will get online smoothly and, once there, stay online. The product actually memorizes the characteristics of the user's phone line, accelerating the connection process and shortening wait times; once the line is recognized, the modem then adjusts speeds automatically according to the person's needs.

Latest Standards
Actiontec's USB/Serial 56K External Modem supports V.44, an advanced modem data standard that compresses web pages for faster transmission between users and their ISP. Using V.44, users can experience speed increases of 120% or more, providing a more satisfying overall web experience.

V.92 Quick Connect is another cutting-edge protocol that reduces "handshake" time during log on. For users whose ISPs provide V.92 support, the USB/Serial 56K External Modem provides reliable connection in the shortest possible time.

Finally, the USB/Serial 56K External Modem is compatible with more conventional V.90 and K56Flex standards as well, ensuring use with all ISPs regardless of individual service offering.

Pricing and Availability
Actiontec's USB/Serial 56K External Modem supports any PC running a Pentium 133 processor or higher (minimum 64MB RAM) and Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP. The unit is priced at $69.95 and is shipping now to major ISPs and will available in February, 2004 through select mass market retailers as well as from

About Actiontec
Actiontec Electronics, Inc. is a leading supplier of devices designed for the digital life, including the industry's first call waiting modems, DSL modems, cable/DSL routers, Internet telephony products and wireless home networking kits. Kid Defender, the first real-time Internet control software for parents, continues the company's focus on products that optimize Internet use. Actiontec products have earned Best of Show at Retail Xchange, Editors Choice awards from CNET's and, and Top 100 Products of the Year from Computer Shopper. Actiontec products are distributed through mass market retailers, Actiontec's online store, and private label and Tier 1 OEM relationships. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains branch offices in Austin, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Reading, United Kingdom; China and Taiwan. For more information, phone 408-752-7700, fax 408-541-9003, or visit