5G and Flexible Displays Spark Smartphone Replacement Rates

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For a long time, the smartphone market has seen device upgrades that are similar to the design of the forerunners. Smartphone market growth has slowed due to consumer price fatigue, saturated markets and long replacement cycles.

According to ABI Research, the tides are changing. The research firm expects to see a 4.1% increase in shipments in 2019 thanks to the development of 5G capable smartphones and flexible displays. These features are building a stronger, improved user experience that incorporate voice assist, AI and smart biometrics. Smartphone vendors are facing the challenge of adopting these innovative improvements while remaining competitive as other vendors introduce the same technologies.

Additional findings:

  • 5G smartphones are expected to be available within the first 6 months of 2019, with 5G smartphone shipments reaching 49 million, accounting for 3% of global smartphone shipments.
  • By 2023, 5G smartphones will account for 43% of global smartphone shipments.

For more information on 5G smartphone expectations, click here.

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