Actiontec Trademark Policy

This Policy regulates the use of all forms of the name “Actiontec Electronics, Inc” and all other trademarks owned by Actiontec Electronics, Inc, including other product names, slogans, designs, website and domain name usage.

Trademark Procedure

Guidelines for Use of Existing Actiontec Trademarks
Except as noted below, any individual or entity that seeks to use an Actiontec Trademark must complete a Trademark Use Request Form. If any individual or entity seeks to use an Actiontec Trademark in a press release, they must follow the Press Release Policy listed below. A sample of the applicant’s proposed use of Actiontec’s Trademark should be attached to either Request Form.

  • The following uses of an Actiontec trademark must be approved by Actiontec’s Corporate Marketing Department:
    • Any use of an Actiontec trademark by an outside individual or entity (external user)
    • Any use of an Actiontec trademark in conjunction with a name, slogan, logotype, etc. of any outside individual or entity
    • Use of an Actiontec Trademark by any Actiontec employee (Internal User) on any promotional items (e.g., newsletters, flyers, bulletins, giveaways, sell sheets and promotional material etc)
  • The following uses do not require the approval to use an Actiontec trademark:
    • Re-order of a previously approved Actiontec Trademark on stationery, business cards, and other business documents
    • Use of Actiontec’s name, but not its logotype, by an Actiontec employee to identify him/herself (e.g., “John Doe, Sales Manager, Actiontec Electronics, Inc)

Approved Users will be informed in writing of the decision regarding their application. Use of the Actiontec Trademark by an Internal User may commence once written approval has been received. In addition to written authorization, approved internal and external Users will be given a copy of the Actiontec’s Brand Book. External Users will also receive the written Logo Agreement. An External User may commence authorized use of the relevant Trademarks only after signing and returning the agreement to Actiontec’s Corporate Marketing Department.

Guidelines for the Development of New Names, Slogans, Designs, and Logotypes employing an Actiontec Trademark

Any individual or entity, either internal or external to the Company, that seeks to employ an Actiontec Trademark in the development of a new name, slogan, design, logotype, must make application to the Corporate Marketing Department by completing a Request Form. Decisions regarding whether to register any particular trademark will be at the discretion of Actiontec’s Corporate Marketing Department and Legal Counsel.


Any User who has failed (1) to submit a Trademark Use Request Form, (2) to abide by Actiontec’s graphics standards or Brand Book, (3) to submit an annual usage report, or who has (4) used any Trademark in a manner inconsistent with, or beyond the scope of the authorized approval shall be in violation of Actiontec’s Trademark Policy and subject to immediate sanctions at Actiontec’s discretion. No uses of an Actiontec Trademark will be grandfathered under this policy. All Current Users of an Actiontec Trademark are subject to review by Actiontec’s Corporate Marketing Department at its discretion and may be subject to sanctions by Actiontec at its discretion. Any User declared by Actiontec to be in violation of Actiontec’s Trademark Policy must cease and desist all uses of an Actiontec Trademark upon demand by Actiontec Electronics, Inc.

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