5G Drives Media Industry to a Projected $1.3 Trillion by 2028

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Intel recently published a report, 5G Economics of Entertainment Report, that projects 5G will drive $1.3 trillion in revenue for the media and entertainment industries by 2028. In less than 10 years, 5G will surpass 3G and 4G, representing nearly 80% of total wireless media revenues.

The opportunities presented by 5G promotes growth in the digital advertising market play a role in the shift from traditional advertising toward social and media driven experiences.

Additional insights includes:

  • 5G is expected to create more than $140 billion in revenue for AR and VR technology between 2021 and 2028.
  • Monthly traffic is expected to jump from 11.7 GB in 2019 to 84.4 GB 2028.
  • New media applications that are currently nonexistent are forecasted to generate more than $67 billion annually.

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