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Now, you can use more devices anywhere and everywhere…without any glitches or quality issues. We offer a range of innovative home networking solutions based on the latest wireless, Wireless HD, Miracast, powerline/, and MoCA standards.

WiFi Network Extenders

Actiontec’s WiFi Network Extenders offer a cost-effective way to boost wireless speeds to the home network while extending the Wi-Fi signal into hard-to-reach corners of the home, such as basements, garages and second floors.

WiFi Network Extender WEB6000Q

WiFi Network Extender WCB6200Q for Service Providers

MoCA Network Adapters

Actiontec’s MoCA® Network Adapters use existing coaxial TV wiring in the home to provide low latency and high-speed performance, while giving your wireless network the stability of a wired connection.

MoCA 2.5 Extender ECB6250A

MoCA 2.5 Extender ECB7250A

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