Android Pie Has Features You’ll Want to Check Out

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Google recently launched Android Pie, otherwise known as Android 9.0. This release has five big features you should know about:

Adaptive battery

This new power management tool learns how you use your phone. For instance, if you don’t use an app frequently, the system won’t “wake it up” as often, so it won’t be running in the background. Alternatively, you can program it to run only at the times you tend to use it most.

Digital Wellbeing

This feature is only available to Pixel phone owners that run Pie. This tool is designed to help you monitor your phone usage. It allows you to set timers so that you know when it is time to put down the phone and disconnect for a while.

Rotation Toggle

With this new feature you can rotate the button orientation on your screen without leaving the auto-rotate function enabled. This means that the orientation will not flip every time you flip your phone, but allows you to change it as needed temporarily.

Gesture Navigation

You’ll find this is one of the most prominent changes. In previous Android versions, you had to double-tap the recent button quickly to switch between your two most recently used apps. With gesture navigation, a quick swipe on the “pill” button will do the same thing. This feature can be enabled in settings, and turns the home button into the “pill.”


Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time might change the way you use your phone to get around. This enhanced GPS feature can pinpoint you within one to two meters of your location and allows you to navigate indoor spaces.

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