AT&T to Release DirecTV Now App for Magic Leap One AR Headsets

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

AT&T is expanding its partnership with Magic Leap to develop a version of DirecTV Now that will run on Magic Leap’s augmented reality platform and display up to four live video streams.

A working version of DirecTV Now for Magic Leap’s AR headset and platform already exists (see demo video above). AT&T expects to launch the existing version as an enhancement to the DirecTV Now offer that they currently have some time next year.

John Donovan, AT&T Communications CEO, explains it as “live television without a television.”  He believes it will radically reshape how viewers watch TV. He also says that Magic Leap is an important part of AT&T’s “5G story” since its product will support AT&T’s upcoming 5G network.

The plan is for AT&T to launch 5G in a selection of cities this year. Developers and creators will also test the apps and services that tie the 5G network together with Magic Leap’s platform.

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