Bing Now Helps You Identify Stuff From Afar with a Photo

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

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Microsoft introduced a new feature last Thursday integrated into their Bing browser app that lets you use your camera to identify things. It works like this. You take a picture using your phone camera and Bing searches to match that photo online using AI technology.

The new functionality is in direct competition with Google’s Lens app. Microsoft is excited about this launch and made the feature available on their Edge browser and will soon add support for IOS and

Using cloud computing, Microsoft is able to take advantage of the power and speed of the Internet to match pixels to pixels finding precisely the right result. Microsoft explained it well in a recent email “We believe Visual Search is the future of search and will continue to invest in new technologies and techniques to enable scenarios that help our search customers. We’re excited about the capabilities in this space.”

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