Opening Up CBRS to New Users

The FCC voted last month to open up more of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to new users, which according to FierceWireless, Signals Research Group calls it “much ado about not very much.” Primarily used by incumbents, (military and government agencies),...

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Net Neutrality & Internet Fast Lanes

What came out of a recent hearing in Congress about protecting consumers through net neutrality and antitrust law, was a lot of talk about how involved the government should be on this issue. The main reason for this hearing was to decide whether to hand over net...

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What’s Next for Cellular?

U.S. cellular carriers are currently in a very competitive cycle. Unlimited data plans were the first laps in this race. Verizon re-introduced its unlimited plan only to see AT&T and T-Mobile drop the price of their plans. Then Sprint undercut all the players with...

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US is 59th in LTE Speed

Access to high-speed broadband is increasingly a membership requirement of the first world. Luckily, the vast majority (86.5%) of the United States has access to LTE mobile Internet. Unfortunately, the US also ranks 59th in the world for LTE speeds, averaging around...

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