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FCC Backs SpaceX Technology for Broadband

On Valentine’s day, Reuters reported that the FCC’s Chairman is poised to approve the use of SpaceX’s technology to provide broadband services worldwide. What is SpaceX? Elon Musk’s SpaceX, founded in 2002, is all about pushing space exploration forward and eventual...

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WiFi on Planes Getting a Boost in Speed

In-flight WiFi has not been a priority for most major airlines to the point that it has become the butt of many jokes. According to Routehappy Inc., a New York-based firm, eighty-two airlines worldwide offer in-flight WiFi. More than 80% of those are in America. For...

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More Secure WiFi Coming With WPA3

Last October, researchers exposed WPA2 with a major security vulnerability. As manufacturers scrambled to patch the security flaw, this news prompted the discussion of an improved protocol. The WPA3 Solution The WiFi Alliance recently announced that they would be...

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