A new version of Wi-Fi, called MegaMimo 2.0, is heading for release. MegaMimo 2.0 promises to coordinate multiple access points simultaneously, on the same frequency and without interference. Additionally, expect MegaMimo 2.0 to feature speeds up to three times today’s data rates, while also avoiding the traffic bottlenecks so common today. The new technology works because it allows transmitters to send same- and similar-frequency data to multiple receivers without the usual disturbances.

MegaMimo 2.0, developed by researchers at MIT, uses the same basic design as older multiple-input, multiple-output systems, but takes it one step further by harnessing multipath propagation, which allows a signal to take more than one path on its way between transmission and receipt. By using proper management, MegaMimo 2.0 synchronizes phases, times, and frequencies to gain more speed, as well as acquire more range. While it isn’t yet the holy grail of full duplex, MegaMimo 2.0 remains a huge step forward in network technology.

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