Wi-Fi devices continue to gain new powers at CES 2015, as the Wi-Fi Alliance recently unveiled a new power-efficient, proximity-based technology called Wi-Fi Aware. LightReading reports that Wi-Fi Aware allows applications to discover nearby users and services, without having to be hooked up to the Internet. This offline solution operates in the background of Wi-Fi devices and can send relevant messages to nearby consumers, although it doesn’t support full applications. The Wi-Fi Alliance says it expects to start certifying products later in 2015.
The real excitement swirling around Wi-Fi Aware has to do with its almost limitless potential. One real-world example is letting shoppers know about products that are nearby, but others will undoubtedly surface. Says Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa: “We’ve only begun to imagine the use cases for Wi-Fi Aware. Of course, people will use the technology to find video game opponents, photo-sharing opportunities, and sources for location-specific information. We are also excited about Wi-Fi Aware’s potential in a range of services yet-to-be conceived.”
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