LightReading has published a slideshow to provide a basic overview of, the new fixed broadband technology. It positions as a step towards the ultimate goal of fiber-to-the-home, which is probably (and unfortunately) something that won’t become ubiquitous for quite some time. Since copper connections will remain the dominant connection source for the foreseeable future, there’s a great need for accelerated speeds on currently installed networks, especially with the development and popularity of mobile broadband. has the potential to boost copper broadband speeds to hundreds of Mbits per second, and is a ratified standard today.


Operators, including BT and Swisscom, have already committed to, based on the potential for the technology to continue to grow its capacity as new technological developments emerge. Even so, there are obstacles to overcome: some telcos who are dependent on DSL-based broadband services will not be able to apply, and infrastructure improvements, including capex availability and running fiber to the street cabinet or closer, must be implemented.

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