AT&T and GE recently announced a partnership aimed at servicing small to medium utility companies who have ambitions of breaking into the smart energy solution field using the potential power of Internet of Things (IoT). At the latest CES, AT&T showcased a method of moving to the smart grid involving a fully connected GE meter, just part of a plan to streamline the process for smaller utilities who may not have the resources to take advantage of these new technologies. This follows the recent trend of larger utility companies who have cooperated with service providers to create solutions and manage connected devices.

As for IoT, AT&T is planning to provide resources for asset tracking, utilities, and industrial asset management that result in increased operational efficiencies, as well as better outage visibility and predictions. “Utility companies are in the business of demand and supply of power, and how to distribute it in the best way possible,” Mobeen Khan, executive director, industrial Internet of Things solutions, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions, said. “We are in the business of giving them the infrastructure to manage that.”

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