The competition to provide Gigabit broadband continues apace, claims a newly published survey. According to the study, which includes interviews with 20 Internet operators across the globe, 40% of service providers are planning to offer residential subscribers an average bandwidth speed of 1 Gigabit by 2017, compared to 15% today. Meanwhile, the current approximately 2-to-1 ratio of copper deployment vs. fiber is expected to shift heavily toward fiber in the near future, although the cost of infrastructure changes is leaving the installation of FTTdp and/or technologies up in the air.

Jeff Heynen, analyst for Infonetics Research, believes that many service providers will invest strategically in their fixed broadband networks to bump up speeds for residential and business customers. “For many service providers, growth in broadband revenue has more than offset the losses from declining voice services,” Heynen asserts. “Fixed broadband services, driven in part by the growth in online video services, have some of the highest margins of any services.”

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