What can consumers expect from Google’s new wireless service? Well, for one, not only is Google going to offer wireless, it also plans to experiment with how consumers use the service. For now, the search giant is only concerned with figuring out a way for phones to more easily move between cellular and wireless connections—something other providers like T-Mobile and Qualcomm are attempting as well. Of course, Google has a tool that other Internet providers don’t have: Android. Leveraging its mobile operating system could allow Google to push their agenda much further than anyone else in the industry.

Google, which announced its intention to sell wireless plans directly to smartphone buyers at this year’s Mobile World Congress, played down any attempt to compete with major carriers. “Carriers in the US are what powers most of our Android phones,” said Sundar Pichai, Google’s VP for Android. “That model works really well for us.”

But Google believes the model could be improved and some analysts even see Google eventually partnering with a company like pCell, which provides cellular service that is 35 times faster than today’s signal. Whatever does transpire, the Internet services industry continues to evolve, and moves like this by Google are evidence of a developing momentum away from traditional carriers.

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