Google is Working Through 2.4 Million URL De-Listing Requests

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Right to be forgotten

According to VentureBeat Online Magazine, Google has received 2.4 million de-listing requests, and they have addressed about 43% of them so far.

Google’s diligence is due in part to the “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) ruling in Europe and is in line with their transparency report. This report provides information about who is making the requests and what they want.

What is the RTBF?

Google is the primary search engine for most European countries. The “right to be forgotten” rule allows people to request search engine operators to remove outdated and irrelevant web pages  that may be inaccurate or damaging. This ruling was a result of a 2014 court case in the European Union. An issue, however, is the ruling only affects European versions of search engines. Google is currently involved in a dispute with France, which maintains that a de-listing request should pertain globally to all search engines worldwide.

Since May of 2014, Google has received over 654,000 requests to remove indexing of old web pages and information. 89% of the requests were from private individuals and the rest from celebrities, politicians, companies, etc.

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