Nanoleaf Light Panels – Great Party Fun

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

light panels

Nanoleaf’s light panels may not have any practical use, but they are a lot of fun as a wall decoration.

Be the hit of your neighborhood by transforming your next party with the Nanoleaf light panels. Synced with your favorite music, the panels light up in various colors and dance to the beat creating ambiance and animation that will delight old and young. The system mounts quickly and easily for a truly unique experience.

The starter kit comes with nine light panels, nine liners, nine mounting stencils, a power adapter/rhythm module and twenty-eight mounting strips. Expansion kits with three additional panels are available as well.

You can connect up to thirty panels to one system and customize the colors using the iOS app, Amazon Alexa, Siri or Ok Google.

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