In an effort to provide Internet service to billions of people worldwide, Airbus recently announced that it will design and build 900 satellites for OneWeb, a satellite web company. OneWeb is partially funded by the Virgin Group (owned by Richard Branson) and chip manufacturer Qualcomm. The launch date is set for 2018, with 700 satellites being shot into orbit, and 200 remaining on the ground as backup. OneWeb wants to provide the world’s largest Internet satellite array and bring web access to every nook and cranny of the globe.


Among the competitors in this developing space are Elon Musk (of Tesla fame), who is backing a project that will deploy 4000 low-cost satellites, all launched from a rocket mothership. Google, as always, is also in on the fun with their Project Loon, which involves providing Internet access to far-flung locations via high-altitude balloons. Even Facebook is looking to further its reach, working with to build drones, satellites, and lasers to provide coverage in the more remote parts of the world.


Until that happens, though,  visit our Wi-Fi page to find out how you can make the most out of your existing Internet connection and get Wi-Fi everywhere in your home.

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