High speed

CableLabs recently announced that the first wave of DOCSIS 3.1 modems have been certified under the new standard. Although eventually expected to support speeds of 10 Gbps downstream/1 Gbps upstream, this initial offering will only support 5 Gbps downstream. However, CableLabs did add some sweetener the announcement by noting that they are looking to use “Full Duplex DOCSIS technology” to provide symmetrical connections that will dramatically boost speeds.

Full Duplex installations allow upstream and downstream signals to use the same spectrum at the same time, expanding spectrum efficiency by 100%. “These developments are expected to yield DOCSIS 3.1 network performance of up to 10 Gbps symmetrical on 1 GHz HFC networks, with the potential for even higher performance by utilizing spectrum that is currently available for future expansion above 1 GHz,” the group noted. Additionally, engineers have not ruled out further speed boosts up to 200 Gbps as the technology develops.

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