The promotion behind the Internet of Things (IoT) has long felt as if it outstripped its real-world application. However, recent analyst estimates suggest that reality is quickly catching up with expectations. According to a recently published article, expect to see up to 25 billion Internet-connected devices within five years, which should produce nearly $2 trillion of global revenue. Much of this largesse will be produced by businesses, either new digital ones springing up as technology develops, or older ones transforming to keep up with new directions and efficiencies.

Of course, one of the biggest obstacles in getting businesses to embrace IoT is the lack of a roadmap. Without clear use cases, it’s hard for businesses to come up with compelling reasons to invest. The article’s author suggests that businesses start by creating small-scale IoT projects, mainly to understand how the technology works, and how its integration into the flow of work can create new opportunities. In this way, businesses can stay on top of this new trend, and successfully defend themselves against newer, equally nimble adversaries.

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