The Wi-Fi Alliance has developed a set of coexistence guidelines intended to make sure that LTE-U equipment plays nice with its Wi-Fi brethren. The Alliance says these guidelines will eventually result in a series of tests which, when complete, will be publicly available. The guidelines represent an effort by the Alliance to find a solution to the problems that may occur with LTE-U devices without the FCC getting involved. Proponents of LTE-U have been invited to collaborate in the process.


LTE-U backers have, in the past, protested against the Wi-Fi Alliance, lobbying the FCC that the Alliance is overstepping its bounds in trying to control LTE-U. They also claim that LTE-U is standards-based and fully complies with FCC Part 15 regulations. However, the way LTE-U handles its “etiquette” protocols are what have LTE-U advocates and the Wi-Fi Alliance at odds. The Alliance hopes that developing these guidelines is the first step in overcoming the differences between the two camps, without government interference.

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