Project Starlink is Becoming a Reality

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global satellite Internet

The SpaceX program recently launched another rocket and along with it the first two of 12,000 satellites planned for global Internet service. These first two pieces of the Project Starlink puzzle will gather data and provide test equipment to start building the rest of the system.

Several big names are playing the satellite internet game, including SpaceX, Boeing, Facebook, Google, Samsung, and OneWeb. All have hopes of becoming the major contender to supply high-speed Internet to the entire globe. SpaceX has sought FCC approval to launch around 4,400 satellites in high orbit, 700 miles up from Earth. The program has another 7,500 planned for lower orbit, about 200 miles up.

Future Expectations

Because the Earth is always moving, a dense network of satellites is necessary to maintain a ubiquitous, stable connection for users. This vast network will communicate with Earth-based equipment via microwaves, which, much like our current GPS system, will continually assess which satellites provide the strongest signal to connect to.

Less than half of the global population has access to the Internet, and SpaceX hopes to change that especially for the “least served.”  The Starlink program is still a ways off, and SpaceX has to get permission from the FCC for radio spectrum.  The company is projecting to have 40 million subscribers by the year 2025 and rake in about 30 billion dollars per year.

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