Whether it’s a coffee shop, supermarket, or gym—the businesses offering customers free WiFi are quickly realizing how indispensable it can be to modern retail strategy.

That’s because WiFi is sticky, and it’s a commodity that doesn’t cost much to deliver in a traditional retail environment. And increasingly, it’s becoming a means of engaging customers when they’re already in the store.

Here are 5 reasons businesses should offer free WiFi to customers:

  1. Increasing in foot traffic & retention

Simply put, people are drawn to free WiFi hotspots. It’s a good way to get people in the door.

  1. Soliciting valuable information & feedback

WiFi can enable two-way communication between the business and its customers. Customers can get additional information such as concierge services at their fingertips, and retailers can gather feedback in the form of questionnaires and surveys. Businesses can also gather valuable insights about consumer behavior such as retention, loyalty etc.

  1. Leveraging in-store targeted marketing

Retailers have the ability to give customers additional offers via WiFi to facilitate in-store sales.

  1. Competitive advantage

WiFi in retail has seen a massive growth in recent years. A recent study by ABI Research showed 400% YoY growth in Wi-Fi indoor analytics installations. In order to stay competitive, free WiFi is no longer optional.

  1. Low cost of ownership

Compared to the ROI potential, the cost to offer simple WiFi services is relatively cheap.

Let us know in the comments what kind of businesses you think should offer free WiFi.


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