This Year’s GDC Got Emotional

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The room went silent as game developer Osama Dorias gave his emotional speech last week at the GDC 2018. The talk centered around “Muslim Representation in Games.”

Dorias broke down while lamenting about the heartbreaking representation of muslims and war-torn Iraq, his home country. During his talk, he presented a slide showing a beautiful future vision of Iraq prepared for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, one of the top eSports games. Iraq is generally depicted as a war-ravaged area in video games. This futuristic oasis of his homeland brought Dorias to tears.

Things Are Improving

After settling down, Dorias commented, “I hope you realize how meaningful this is. Things are getting better, a lot better, but we are not where I want to be. And Muslims — all we want — is to be included in this conversation.”

Following the speech, Dorias received a standing ovation and a lot of hugs. Although embarrassed, Dorias confided to a member of the after-party that the GDC was a safe place where he felt comfortable to express emotion and to tell his truth.

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