YouTube TV Adding Turner Networks and Raising Prices

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Blog, News | 0 comments

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is adding Turner Network stations and sports channels to its lineup while also hiking the price. On March 13th, the rate for new subscribers will increase from $35 to $40. Subscribers who sign up before March 13th will enjoy grandfathering and keep the $35/month price.

FierceCable announced last week that YouTube TV would be adding more channels to its TV subscription service. Along with NBA TV, and MLB Network a whole host of Turner Network channels will also be added like TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, CNN, and others. YouTube will also offer paid subscriptions for add-ons like NBA League Pass.

Waiting Paid Off

When YouTube TV launched last year, they chose not to include the Turner Network channels. Turner CEO, John Martin had hoped they would change their mind, and those hopes paid off.

YouTube TV has its foot firmly in the door and is making a good impression by adding more subscribers every month. They are consistently adding channels and released an app for Roku earlier this month.

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