Clean up that Junk Drawer With This Battery Storage Case

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Battery organizer

We all have batteries rolling around inside our proverbial junk drawers, and when you need one, they are always hard to find. Here’s a solution: the Battery Organizer Storage Case available at

The convenient, covered case has 93 slots of varying size, and it also includes a nifty battery tester. Made of hard plastic, it is durable and easy to store in a drawer, closet or you can even mount it on the wall.

The slots allow you to store the following battery sizes/types (45) AA, (25) AAA, (4) 9 volt, (8) C, (6) D and five flat batteries, all in one place, so you are never without the right size battery again. The unit measures 7W x 12L x 2.5H and is on sale right now with Amazon Prime.

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