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MoCA Network Adapters

(Ethernet over Cable TV Wiring)

Get Better WiFi…

Turbo-charge your existing home wireless network and obliterate wireless dead spots, so you can enjoy faster speeds and better wireless performance wherever you need it… including basements, garages, and second floors.

Get better WiFi… up to 1 Gbps

Use the existing cable TV wiring in your home as a “backhaul” to expand your WiFi network beyond your primary router. This creates a bigger pipe for all of your traffic, meaning faster speeds, steadier connections and less congestion.

Boost WiFi Coverage

You don’t have to put up with poor WiFi performance — even if you’ve got an older home or concrete walls.  If you find that there are areas with poor coverage, you can install a WiFi booster (also called a wireless network extender) to boost your WiFi coverage.

Reach Every Corner of Your Home

Actiontec MoCA Network Adapters deliver a strong and stable wired connection for a silky-smooth streaming and gaming experience without any lagging or buffering.

Eliminate WiFi Deadspots

Due to the size of your home or construction features, a wireless router might not be able to provide enough coverage to reach every corner of your home. By adding a WiFi extender, you can enjoy high speed WiFi anywhere in the house.

Works Wherever there’s Coax

Wherever you have a coax TV outlet, you can get high-speed Internet access. If you want to connect a game console in the basement or create a new home theater upstairs, connect a MoCA Network Adapter to a coax outlet for instant connectivity.

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