Transform Powerlines into a High-Performance Wired Network

Home Networking Network Adapters

Actiontec’s powerline networking family use the home’s existing electrical wiring to deliver whole-home connectivity with high-speed wired connections and super-strong wireless signals for faster HD video streaming and online gaming anywhere in the home.

Use Electrical Wiring to create a High-Speed Wired Network Powerline networking family offers reliable and high-performing high speed networking over in-home electrical wiring. Create a high-speed network connection with all the reliability of a wired network connection by using the existing electrical power outlets in the home to create a super-fast “Ethernet-like” home network.

Features of Network Adapters

Works wherever there’s an Electrical Outlet

Simply plug one adapter into an electrical outlet near your device, and another adapter in an outlet by your broadband router. And that’s it. Your customers will be able to stream HD-quality video and play online games without any glitches or lag. Deliver fast, reliable WiFi to hard-to-reach areas like a second floor office, basement, garage and more.

No Interference from Household Appliances

Unlike older powerline network extenders and repeaters, the new signal is better shielded from interference by other household appliances – which ensures optimal network performance throughout your home and surrounding areas.

Resolve WiFi and Customer Device Issues without a Truck Roll

Actiontec’s family of powerline products support our award-winning Optim Managed WiFi service, providing your technicians the ability to troubleshoot WiFi issues remotely so issues get resolved faster, with fewer truck rolls, for a flawless customer experience.

Easy to Install and Manage

Installation is a breeze. Just plug in a WF-802GW anywhere in your customer’s house where their Wi-Fi signal is weak and watch as it boosts the wireless signal. Managing the WF-802GW is easy as well. Connect remotely via TR-069, TR-111, and TR-181 to set limits and custom configure your customer’s Wi-Fi service.

A Full Portfolio of Powerline Network Products

We offer a full range of Wireless Network Extenders to meet your specific application needs, speeds, and price point. No matter the model, you’ll still get the same reliability, ease of use, and performance that has made Actiontec a trusted leader in wireless networking for years.
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