iOS 12 Brings With it a New Measuring Tape App in 3D

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iPhone Measure

Apple showcased its work in augmented reality earlier this month at the WWDC conference 2018. They showed off the new ARKit Measure app that you can use to measure 3D objects in real life.

Measure works on older iPhones, not just iPhone X as long as you have IOS 12 Beta installed. The app uses the rear camera to measure objects, and although it is not perfect in execution, it is easy to use.

To use Measure, open the app, and when a white circular cursor appears, point it to the item you want to measure. If the object is rectangular, a yellow box will appear over it. You may have to move your iPhone around a bit before it settles and shows you the rough dimensions of the item.

You also have the option of manually pointing the cursor at a corner and then using the plus icon on the screen to create another point. Tap once again when you have completed your line and Measure will show you how long it is. Your measurements can be saved for later within the app.

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