8 Secrets for a Faster Online Gaming Connection

Jul 9, 2020Blog

Experiencing slow internet and gaming lag? Looking for hacks to make your Wi-Fi connection faster for online gaming? Here are some secrets you need to know to make your connection faster.

Hacks for a faster online gaming connection with Wi-Fi

The following tip and tricks help you combat gaming latency and lag:

1. Schedule regular reboots

When you regularly reboot your router, you keep it fresh and performing better.

Scheduling a reboot to happen as often as every morning while you are still asleep helps save you time and energy. No more wasted time on support calls.

2. Find the right Wi-Fi channel

You want to make sure that you are on a different Wi-Fi channel than others in your home or your neighbors. If you are all on the same channel, it will feel like your Wi-Fi is suffering.

You can do this by setting your router to “auto” detection in your router settings. Or, you can run an app on your smartphone to detect which Wi-Fi channel is safest and best to use.

3. Parallel your router antennas

This tip applies if you have a router with antennas. Both of the antennas should not be pointing up. Point one of them sideways (or parallel) towards your device antenna. This will maximize the signal connection.

4. Close out other applications, downloads and shut off devices

If other programs, downloads, applications or devices are taking up space on your Wi-Fi network, the speed for gaming is going to suffer. You want to make sure maximize the connection between your router and your PC or gaming console.

When you are gaming, close out and shut down anything that isn’t necessary to your game. Put your phone on “airplane mode.” You should experience fast connection.

5. Find the best spot for your router

If your router isn’t in an optimized location (on the floor, in a corner, in the basement), your Wi-Fi signal strength will suffer. If your router’s signal waves are blocked by obstacles, your Wi-Fi signal strength will suffer. Obstacles can be as random as a bike leaning near your router, décor or figurine collections blocking your router or your router being too close to the microwave in your kitchen. Among many other things. When in doubt, give it clear, elevated space.

6. Check your Wi-Fi signal strength from your phone

You can download apps to your smartphone to check your Wi-Fi signal strength in different areas of your home. This will help you unlock that Wi-Fi sweet spot for a better gaming area you weren’t aware of.

You can also get rid of wireless dead zones by using Wi-Fi extenders.

7.  Use MoCA adapters and Powerline adapters

These tips are designed to make the most out of your router for better gaming. But sometimes it’s just not possible to rely on your router for the amount of connection speed you need for gaming. It’s also not fun to wire up your entire house to get the speed either.

MoCA adapters and powerline adapters solve this problem. Each give you the benefits of a wired connection without the hassle. Whether you use a MoCA adapter or a powerline adapter, both types of adapters plug into electrical outlets and turn your home wiring into a network. Learn more from the resources in our our Complete Guide to MoCA Technology.

Following these tips will make your internet connection better for gaming. Want to know more Wi-Fi enhancement tips and tricks? Check out Actiontec’s Complete Guide to WiFi Networking. You can find the latest news in technology on Actiontec’s blog.

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