Managing the Bandwidth Demands of Working from Home

Apr 6, 2020Blog

You might be used to working from home already. But that doesn’t mean that you are used to the uptick in your Wi-Fi network usage. For all of us that are now experiencing an unplanned work from home environment, we need assess our situations:

  • Is your home network ready for all of the demands that working from home can mean for the basic home network?
  • Demands like video conferencing, uploading and downloading of files, while maintaining a fast internet connection?
  • Not to mention for many households, the demands of kids doing online classes or their entertainment like online gaming and streaming?

All of these activities happening at once can take up a lot of your network’s bandwidth. Which can make working from home difficult, especially if you are dealing with slow and spotty Wi-Fi connections.

In order to successfully do your job at home, you need faster Wi-Fi, a stronger Wi-Fi signal and better Wi-Fi coverage overall. These are things we all want in our homes normally, but when working from home, it becomes a must have.

To save your sanity and your job, there are tools you can rely on to make sure you can rely on your Wi-Fi.

Here is a list of tools and devices that will help boost your Wi-Fi network to make working from home easier to do and a better experience overall.

  • MoCA Extender & Adapter Kits: MoCA Wi-Fi extenders and adapters will boost your internet speeds and give your whole home reliable Wi-Fi coverage.

    Why you should use MoCA Extender & Adapter Kits: A MoCA kit provides reliable Wi-Fi. Plus, it is easy to set up. MoCA extenders and adapters use your home’s existing coaxial wiring to create a reliable, high-speed Ethernet connection. The wired connection gives your Wi-Fi more power so the bandwidth isn’t bogged down by so much online activity happening at once.

    Where to get MoCA Extender & Adapter Kits: You can get the MoCA Extender and Adapter kit here.

    If you want to learn more about what MoCA is and how it works, check out the resources in this complete guide.

  • Optim Managed Wi-Fi: Managed Wi-Fi provides you with tools to optimize your network, from managing the devices connected to enabling automatic band steering for optimal speeds.

    Why you should use Optim Managed Wi-Fi: Optim takes managing your entire network out of your hands. So, while you are getting your work done, Optim is doing work behind the scenes. Like, managing how much bandwidth certain devices are taking up. With Optim overseeing everything, your Wi-Fi network will perform better, faster and be more secure.

    Where to get Optim Managed Wi-Fi: Optim is available through reputable internet service providers (ISP). Call your internet service provider today.


Need more tips or advice on how to make your Wi-Fi home network the best for working from home? Check out Actiontec’s blog for more.

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